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From data-driven marketing efforts and technical web development challenges, to beautiful user-centric designs and consulting projects, our team of experts has delivered exceptional results for clients across a range of industries. Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how we can help your business stay ahead of the curve with the latest digital solutions


The evolution of coffee - now available in South Africa thanks to an ongoing partnership between Outin and Tecbot.

Souvla Braai

A proudly South African barbecue/braai manufacturer, Souvla Braai prides themselves on designing and manufacturing South Africa's most innovative outdoor cooking products.


A simple, cloud-based drawing management platform that facilitates the smooth flow of construction documentation to multiple stakeholders. 

KōL Izakhaya

We spiced up the web with a flavourful creative journey into Japanese culture and cuisine that truly tantalises the taste buds


Corporate packaging at the click of a button.

Olives & Plates

Creating a fine dining experience on a plate is Olives & Plates’ fortè. Creating a digital experience that replicates that, is ours.

Leep Africa

Propelling Africa into the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a passion that we share with our partners over at Leep Africa.


Remote ordering made simple.


Designing a logo for a bottled water company named 'Water' presented a unique challenge: crafting a distinctive brand identity from a simple and ubiquitous noun.

Kena Health

A feel-good web-development story!


Building a brand for a brand that builds.

UnderWraps Caterers

Transitioning a traditional catering business into a thriving e-commerce platform.