UnderWraps Caterers faced the challenge of transitioning their traditional catering business into a thriving e-commerce platform. They sought a comprehensive solution that would not only enable seamless online ordering but also attract a wider customer base through targeted digital marketing strategies. Our task was to design, develop, and maintain their e-commerce environment while driving significant improvements in conversions, customer retention, and overall business performance.

We collaborated closely with UnderWraps Caterers to develop a robust and user-friendly e-commerce environment that would showcase their diverse menu options and streamline the ordering process. By leveraging our expertise in e-commerce development, we created an intuitive online platform that made it effortless for customers to explore the menu, customize orders, and complete transactions securely.

To drive targeted traffic to the newly launched e-commerce platform, we implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy. Our approach encompassed a combination of Google Ads, META PPC, and email marketing campaigns. Through Google Ads, we optimized UnderWraps Caterers' visibility in search engine results, capturing the attention of potential customers actively searching for catering services. Simultaneously, META PPC campaigns were deployed strategically across various online platforms to expand the reach and generate leads.

In addition to paid advertising, we implemented a well-crafted email marketing strategy to engage with both new and existing customers. By delivering personalized and compelling content, we aimed to nurture customer relationships, encourage repeat business, and drive brand loyalty. Our team created enticing email campaigns that highlighted seasonal promotions, featured new menu items, and encouraged customer referrals.

:The collaboration between our team and UnderWraps Caterers yielded exceptional results, transforming their business performance and driving substantial growth:

60% increase in conversions on their website

3 consecutive records-breaking months in turnover

20% increase in customer lifetime value

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