Once upon a time, in the land of the construction industry, it was difficult to file, find and provide access to a project’s plans and documentation. Then SiteCircles approached Tecbot to help create a simple, cloud-based drawing management platform that facilitates the smooth flow of construction documentation to multiple stakeholders. 

The plot thickened: Tecbot’s full-stack web app didn’t just need to keep all stakeholders in-the-know with the latest documents on a project; but also had to allow for new features and functionality to be added, as and when needed.

We assisted SiteCircles in workshopping their product, identifying all components of the user journey, and through lean and agile methodologies, assisted them in building a MERN Stack application. SiteCircles has been in operation for 6+ years, and continues to innovate and expand, with new features being developed by Tecbot consistently.

A few of SiteCircles' features include:

  • Automated Distribution of PDF and DWG files to various stakeholders on a project
  • User profiles and file permissions
  • Daily update notifications
  • Automated summarised daily report of activity
  • Automatic drawing registers
  • BIM Model uploads
  • Transparent, auditable records of all activity
  • Granular control of access permission


In the end, all SiteCircles’ users continue to live happily ever after.

SiteCircles has experienced 100% YOY growth in users, and has expanded into 3 countries globally.

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