A proudly South African barbecue/braai manufacturer, Souvla Braai, has experienced a remarkable transformation in their e-commerce business with the assistance of Tecbot. At Souvla Braai, their commitment lies in crafting and producing South Africa's most cutting-edge outdoor cooking products.

Tecbot played a vital role in revolutionizing Souvla Braai's online presence. Initially, we collaborated with them to design a brand-new website, which showcased their exceptional products and emphasized their unique selling points. The e-commerce store developed by Tecbot provided a seamless shopping experience for customers, enhancing user engagement and boosting sales.

In addition to the website development, Tecbot took the initiative to revamp Souvla Braai's brand identity, giving it a fresh and captivating look that aligned with their target audience. The redesigned brand identity effectively communicated Souvla Braai's values and positioned them as an industry leader in the barbecue/braai market.

However, our collaboration with Souvla Braai extended beyond these initial tasks. Tecbot proudly assumes the responsibility of managing their social media pages, leveraging various platforms to create engaging and relevant content. Through this approach, we have successfully fostered a strong online community around Souvla Braai, engaging with their customers, and nurturing brand loyalty.

Moreover, Tecbot employs a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy for Souvla Braai, ensuring maximum exposure and driving sales across various channels. Our expertise in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigning has led to increased visibility and conversions. We have also implemented effective email marketing campaigns, nurturing leads and promoting repeat purchases. Furthermore, our dedicated team creates compelling content that resonates with the target audience, generating brand awareness and driving organic traffic to the website.

Since partnering with Tecbot, Souvla Braai has witnessed remarkable achievements across multiple fronts. Their online presence has significantly improved, attracting a wider audience and boosting sales. With the revamped website and enhanced e-commerce capabilities, Souvla Braai has experienced a surge in online orders and customer satisfaction. The strategically managed social media pages have fostered a loyal and engaged community, contributing to increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Since partnering with Tecbot, Souvla Braai has seen significant success in a number of ways:

100% growth in  e-commerce sales

6 x record breaking turnover periods

40% growth in social media following

30% increase in reach and engagement

10x ROAS on META

Enquiries for dealer licenses across the globe

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